Out Sourcing

Out Sourcing


The outsourced delivery model is flexibly designed to reduce labor costs while maintaining high standards of quality. The outsourced delivery model is based on KUNCHAM's strong commitment to delivering quality delivery, integrating project management, world-class methods and tools. Wherever we are, we ensure the consistency of the process through global access to our knowledge management system. On-site, off-site and offshore mixed team management is integrated into KUNCHAM's outsourcing methodology.

The key to ultimate success is the consistency of the local onsite team, their strong partnership with clients and the lessons learned from multi-site human resource, process and technology management. Because we are so confident in our ability to provide a flexible supply and resource model that reduces costs for our customers and because KUNCHAM's outsourced delivery model is so easily scalable, we can take a subset of applications as proof of concept and gradually introduce new applications. quickly.

Like all our services, our delivery models are strategically designed to deliver extreme value, rapid response, as well as appropriate knowledge and skills for each client project or need to increase IT, staff. We invite you to explore these delivery models to find the one that seems best suited to your needs.

To meet your needs, we transcend all barriers and stay focused on quality to deliver results on time and budget. Our delivery models are well tested and proven on many projects and with many customers. We are successfully developing world-class, robust and cost-effective products with unparalleled technology and expertise. We meet the needs of our international clients, regardless of their technical, functional, linguistic, cultural or geographical diversity.