The adoption of technology during recruitment is today's call of the day because the manual / excel / e-mail / traditional methods have a significant impact on the quality and the speed of hiring, the productivity of the team and lead to inefficient collaboration between stakeholders with reduced visibility of hiring status.

Finding high-quality, high-quality talent, maximizing candidate reach, and improving recruiter productivity gives consulting firms a competitive advantage. It's time to move away from traditional methods and adopt technology to grow the business.

Companies now rely more on employee recommendations to find quality candidates because they offer the highest conversion rate. However, running, managing and effectively monitoring the SEO program is a challenge and a critical point for businesses.

KUNCHAM RMS Referral is a simple, easy-to-use employee reference management tool in the cloud. It enables 360 ° automation of the referral program for all stakeholders, recruiters, employees and decision-makers through a simple, easy-to-use and integrated process.